Thank you for your years of service to my father. Your passion to bring peace to him while he was hospitalized will forever be in my heart. You were able to be God’s hands throughout his life and I know he has come closer to God through his relationship with you.

I do count you among the finest and most trustworthy people I know, Jeff, and readily refer clients and others to you when the need arises… know that I hold you in the highest regard.

I really appreciate all the work you did for me. If anyone needs legal advice, I’ll be glad to give them a recommendation to see you.
Thanks again,

Thanks for your care and guidance along the way, Breezy and Jeff.  It sure made things work smoothly. 
Blessings in this important work.

Thanks again for all your help in the drafting of our wills. We are most appreciate of your skills and integrity which the Lord has used to bless us!!
Jim & Aisleen

Leah and I are very grateful for your counsel and guidance in making our estate plan. We are also amazed how well all the documents are written. Even the bank clerk whom we worked with had a very positive comment about the documents. We will call upon you again in the future if there are any changes in our situation. Once again, thank you very much.

Thank you, Jeff, so much for all of your help these years with my parents’ trust and with mine. I appreciate so much all of the guidance through the processes of selling the house and then buying mine as well as all of the other financial and legal matters.

Tammy and I were talking about you (only briefly if your ears were burning) this weekend, and we both agreed you were quite the find as a lawyer goes.  Thanks for all the advice over the years.
Best Regards,

Just a quick note of thanks for your help with the recent ownership transition. You did a fabulous job! All parties feel very positive with the agreement you put together for us. It is a good feeling to have this worked out and in place for the future. It was a real pleasure working with you – a true professional.

We found it a pleasure to work with you (and Breezy) throughout this project. Thank you for the impressive documentation we received.
LeRoy & Beverly

Thank you for providing our family with thoughtful and kind professional guidance.

Thank you… Please tell Jeff how appreciative I am. He has been so easy to work with!

Just a quick side note – I thoroughly enjoy working with this firm on SO many levels! Thank you for who you are!

You are both wonderful and I am delighted I found you. If anyone asked me for a good lawyer to do what you did I would highly recommend you and please use me for a reference, you made it very easy for me and you are very easy to work with (which is very important to me).

“I overflow with thanksgiving because God used you to insure I’d have a retirement home.” 
- Lorraine

I have had the chance to see Jeff’s genuine character when I worked with him. He was always thoughtful, professional and insightful. After He explained the reality of estate planning and revocable living trusts, my comfort level with choosing him was confirmed. Trustworthy, and professional.
- George

It is so important to me to have my clients taken care of by someone with high integrity. Thank you so much for the help you give my clients, I hear nothing but praise about you. All my clients have been very happy.

Thank you for help recently as I tried to manage my sister’s affairs around the end of her life. Your calm instructions and reassurance were so helpful to me, and mean a lot to me.
Thank you,

Thank you, for helping us and making the legal part of estate planning clear. We appreciated your work.

You were such a calm, kind and helpful gentleman to deal with Jeff amidst the emotional & interesting process of wills & trust.
Gratefully with joy!

Thank you all so much for everything. It has been great working with you. I appreciate you so much!

Just a short note to say how deeply we were appreciative of your setting up our charitable estate plan last week.  We also really enjoyed meeting you and fellowshipping a bit besides.
Our sincere thanks again,
Tom and Victoria

Thanks for your wonderful work! We are very pleased. My husband and I will call in June about getting our estate put into a trust.
Thanks again,

By the way, you can pass along to Jeff that as we have been going to the banks to get things changed into the trust, we were told that "the lawyer knew what he was doing, and worded the documents just the right way".  This is a paraphrase, but the meaning is the same.  It made things go very smoothly.  Thanks to you all!

You have been a very congenial, knowledgeable and understanding counselor through this process. I am counting you as one of my many blessings from this past year.

Dear Jeff, John, and Breezy,
Since Dad’s estate work has officially come to a close, Karen and I want to sincerely thank you for the excellent job you all did in handling Dad’s affairs. It was a pleasure to work with all of you under these emotional difficult circumstances. I will continue to highly recommend you not only with my family and friends but with my patients as well.

As ever Jeff, thank you for your thoughtful counsel and integrity.

Thank you for your caring, warm, thorough, professional counsel for us!
-Terry & Julie